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  • 100% Pine
  • High bark content
  • Last longer
  • Great scent & rich coloration
  • Will not affect soil pH

  • Made from various hardwoods. primarily oak
  • Double-shredded- giving it very good moisture retention ability
  • Will break down quicker, also add nutrients to soil as it breaks down
  • Great in flower beds

  • 100% White Cedar
  • Distinctive cedar scent
  • Rich golden color, lighter than traditional natural wood mulches
  • Oils in the cedar act as a natural bug repellant and preservative!

  • This is a "green", earth-friendly mulch made from recycled pallets- no worries all nails have been removed!
  • Non-toxic, food-grade dye is used for coloration. Safe for children & pets
  • Color will fade over time in direct sunlight
  • Available in red, brown, & gold

  • Whole chips made from various hardwoods, primarily the poplar tree
  • Designed for use in play areas, but can be used as a decorative mulch as well
  • Long-lasting
  • Used by most municipalities and school systems
  • Tested for impact for utmost safety
  • Slightly different than traditional playground chips as it has more boyancy
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