Wood mulch serves many beneficial purposes. Aside from aesthetics, mulch helps significantly reduce weeds as well as locks in moisture for your flower beds, all while adding rich nutrients back into the soil as it breaks down and decomposes. Bluemel's Garden & Landscape Center offers an assortment of natural and colored mulches- each with it's own look, texture, and smell! Call us to discuss what makes each type of mulch so unique. 1 yard will cover 100 square feet at the recommended install depth of 3".

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  • 50-50 mix of Hemlock & Pine Bark
  • High bark content, nice texture
  • Last longer
  • Great scent & rich coloration
  • Will not affect soil pH
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  • Made from various hardwoods. primarily oak
  • Double-shredded- giving it very good moisture retention ability
  • Will break down quicker, also add nutrients to soil as it breaks down
  • Great in flower beds
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  • 100% White Cedar
  • Distinctive cedar scent
  • Rich golden color, lighter than traditional natural wood mulches
  • Oils in the cedar act as a natural bug repellant and preservative!
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  • This is a "green", earth-friendly mulch made from recycled pallets- no worries all nails have been removed!
  • Non-toxic, food-grade dye is used for coloration. Safe for children & pets
  • Color will fade over time in direct sunlight
  • Available in red, brown, gold, & black!
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  • Whole chips made from various hardwoods, primarily the poplar tree
  • Designed for use in play areas, but can be used as a decorative mulch as well
  • Long-lasting
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  • Used by most municipalities and school systems
  • Tested for impact for utmost safety
  • Slightly different than traditional playground chips as it has more boyancy
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