We carry the largest selection of bulk landscaping materials in the Milwaukee area. Whether it's soils, composts, gravels, mulches, or decorative stones, you can count on Bluemel's to have the materials you're looking for. Stocked all season long and ready for convenient pickup or delivery, our bulk landscape materials department also offers an assortment of bagged soils & amendments, large boulders, as well as fresh-cut sod. Please call for delivery options. We sell our bulk landscape materials by the yard, not ton. Generally speaking, 1 yard of materials covers approximately 100 square feet at 3" deep. 


Please note that the pictures below are representations of each product and size and colorization may not be completely accurate. 

We recommend you view these products in person before making a selection.

Soil & Compost

Gravel & Sand

Decorative Stone


Soil & Compost

Foundation Soil_edited.jpg

Foundation Soil

Purple Cow Raised Garden Bed Mix_edited.jpg

Purple Cow

Raised Bed Mix

Purple Cow Classic Compost_edited.jpg

Purple Cow

Classic Compost

Purple Cow Activated Compost_edited.jpg

Purple Cow

Activated Compost


Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch_edited.jpg



Playground Chips_edited.jpg

Playground Chips

Certified Safety Chips_edited.jpg


Safety Chips

Gravel & Sand

Fieldstone Boulders_edited.jpg

Small Boulders

Jumbo Boulders_edited.jpg

Large Boulders


Decorative Stone

Indian Sunset Stone_edited.jpg

Indian Sunset


Merrimac Pebbles

Mississippi River Rock_edited.jpg


River Rock

Red Granite Chips_edited.jpg

Red Granite Chips

Red Volcanic Rock_edited.jpg

Red Volcanic Rock

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