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You have to admit, there's not much more that is pleasing to the eye than a healthy, lush, well manicured lawn. Whether you're a homeowner or property manager, leave it to Bluemel's Garden & Landscape Center to keep your lawn looking green and clean. Our professional Lawn Division offers many time-saving services to keep your lawn healthy the entire season.  Here are just a couple of reasons why people choose us for their lawn needs:

  • We treat every lawn according to its needs

  • We keep you informed throughout the process

  • Experienced, knowledgeable applicators

  • We only use premium, professional-grade products

  • Track record of proven results

  • Focus on environmentally sound practices

Routine Cutting

Cutting your lawn can sometimes be a difficult task to keep up with.  Why not leave this task to us?  We'll visit your property every 7-10 days depending upon weather conditions always keeping your lawn manicured and at the appropriate height. At every visit, we line-trim along all hard services such as fences, light posts, walls, and sidewalks to insure a precision look at all times. We'll finish the visit off by power blowing all surfaces including planting beds, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. 

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5 Step Weed & Feed Program

If you've been a homeowner long enough, you know how stressful and difficult it can be to keep your grass green, lush, and disease & pest-free year after year. Hire a professional Lawn Care Technician from Bluemel's Garden & Landscape Center to feed as well as monitor your lawn for disease and pests all season long. You'll have the peace of mind knowing your lawn is well taken care of by an experienced, certified lawn expert. Bluemel's offers a very comparable and competitively priced program for residential and commercial properties, but what truly sets us apart is our personability and customer care. You'll find it refreshing to finally work with a lawn care company who truly cares about the condition of your lawn.

• STEP 1 (MID APRIL) Crabgrass control application. Consists of a well balanced, complete fertilizer.

• STEP 2 (LATE MAY) Consists of a triple action broadleaf weed controller liquid.

• STEP 3 (EARLY JUNE) Consists of an application of slow release Nitrogen fertilizer to feed your lawn keeping it green through the typically dry season. At this time we will spot treat any germinated broadleaf weeds if necessary.

• STEP 4 (LATE AUG./ EARLY SEPT.) This application will be a combination of Iron fertilizer (restores deep green color to turf) and triple action broadleaf weed killer. Dry and hot weather causes the lawn to go dormant; loosing its color and thinning out. These conditions promote weed growth. Because the fall season is a natural time for germinated weeds to drop their seeds for the fall season, we will nip future problems in the “bud” by killing them off before their seeds can fall.

• STEP 5 (EARLY OCTOBER) Most important application of them all!! Consists of a seasonal fertilizer that is designed to help develop root growth; this will help in the recovery from summer stress, as well as in preparation for the long, hard winter. Also included, is a time-released fertilizer, which will be taken up and stored in the lawn’s roots. This will be available to the root system right away in spring, thus greening and strengthening your lawn earlier in the spring growing season.

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Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration is the process of perforating the soil with small holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to better penetrate grass roots. This is especially needed in lawns that are experiencing heavy compaction and very weak or shallow root growth. Bluemel's Garden & Landscape Center uses a specialized aerating machine to consistently "puncture" your lawn at the required depth and spacing. The machine leaves behind soil plugs that eventually decompose and filter back into the holes, so there is no need to rake them off or remove them as this is completely normal and an expected part of the process.

  • Significantly improves root structure of your lawn

  • Allows much needed oxygen to move into the ground

  • Gives water & nutrients easier access to the roots

  • Encourages roots to grow deeper into the soil

  • Eliminates natural compaction & thatch

  • Greatly impacts the overall health & resilience of your lawn

  • Stronger roots, stronger lawn!

Immediately following this process, Bluemel's will then apply lawn fertilizer if necessary as it will now easily reach the roots and begin stimulating new growth. Over-seeding will also be done, especially in areas that have severely thinned out. Results take time but only one application is needed. We highly recommend you implement a 5 step weed & feed program with us to insure continued support and needed attention.

Not sure if your lawn needs to be aerated? Contact us for a free lawn assessment.

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Spring & Fall Cleanup

Our Crews start the season by visiting your property and cleaning up any debris such as leaves and branches that may have accumulated over the winter. We'll also do any pruning of plant material that needs to be done. We end the season wil a final cut, leaf removal, and cutting back of any plant material that needs to be done before winter arrives.

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